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The sea of Abruzzo knows how to make itself unforgettable

133 kilometers of coastline that alternate jagged coastline with golden beaches, lively beaches and solitary beaches. The sea of Abruzzo is all this, besides the sympathy and the proverbial hospitality of its people.

A sea to discover

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Whether you decide to spend only a weekend or an entire holiday in our region, here you will find ideas and suggestions on the most fascinating places, activities, villages and paths to discover the most authentic Abruzzo!


Curiosity, suggestions, travel stories: information and news to get to know Abruzzo and the many experiences to be experienced in our wonderful region.

Abruzzo Set Cinematografico
11 Sep 19

Dietro le  montagne, le piazze, i castelli,i paesi, le città  i casolari che vediamo in alcune scene di film famosi  può celarsi la  nostra terra : l'Abruzzo.


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